About Me

Almost 20 years in the business, I have been around wood all my life, my grandfather was a furniture builder, my great great grand father built violins back in the old country. I have worked at a lumber yard handling all types of woods from domestics to exotics, surface sanded hundreds of thousands of board feet from Purple Heart to Cherry to Ebony.  Cut into more wood than you can imagine on a jump saw.

For the most part I am self taught. I found a great friend to teach me the finer details, thank you Doug, and I just keep plugging away.

What was a way for me to make a guitar for myself became an obsession; at one point I had 50 guitars laying around. Now its time to share my knowledge, ask away I will answer as much as I can.

I have a bunch of little ones wondering around and you will see one of them from time in a video. Please be safe in your wood working go slow, measure twice cut once. If you haven't done something before ask if you are unsure, you can't grow back a finger.