Big D Varitone Switch


Big D Varitone Switch


Tone, price, and quality. I have spent many hours testing capacitors, and you will not find another switch that sounds this good. If you search the web, others offer varitone switches, but not at my price. My quality is second to none; each hand assembled component is wrapped in electrical tape to protect it from grounding out. After building each switch, I test it and make sure it sounds great, if not, I make another one. If you are not satisfied, I offer a full refund.

My switches are usually made with capacitors that follow this range:

  • C1 = .001 micro farads
  • C2 = .01 mf
  • C3 = .022 mf
  • C4 = .047 mf
  • C5 = .22 mf

My switch works in this format:

  • Position 1 = Bypass - True bypass switch is pulled from the system, will not ruin your original tone!
  • Position 2 = C1 - softer than bypass
  • Position 3 = C2 - deeper tone than bypass, better response
  • Position 4 = C3 - jazz box full
  • Position 5 = C4 - jazz box mellow
  • Position 6 = C5 -almost woman-ish tone

I use a ceramic capacitor, this adds a reverb type of sound.  Fender used ceramic chip capacitors in all of their old amps. Other companies use mylar capacitors, the sound is more generic, flatter.

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